Which CDN provider are the best for your sites?

Having a fast website can now be easily achieved because there’s a lot of solutions that you can take while doing the wordpress optimization. Simple solutions like optimising images, reducing requests to servers and having fresh unique contents. And using CDN or Content Delivery Network can help you in delivering these optimised images, contents, stylesheets and JavaScript’s in a fastest possible way.

You can test website load time via various of tools like google page speed, gtmetrix, webpagetest and many of them are mention CDN is one of factor that make site much faster while reducing the hosting load timetime.

What is CDN?

CDN is simply a collection of servers strategically located in different network points. A CDN is used to transfer your data to the network user and optimising your bandwidth at the same time. Typically, the efficiency and response time of your website depends on your server. And to improve the response time of your website and maintain its efficiency, CDN could help in distributing contents in different networks.

Choosing the best CDN Service Providers

CDN service providers can be expensive but when you see that difference in your site’s traffic, you will definitely choose this option for your WordPress site. Nowadays, there are a lot of popular websites who have their own CDN’s but if you have a smaller site, it may be wise to choose a CDN service provider to improve your WordPress site’s speed.  Aside from improving the bandwidth of your server, a full package CDN service can totally cut down your site’s infrastructure and overall operating cost.

Today, you can find a lot of CDN services that offers great efficiency to speed up your website. Some of the most popularly used are MaxCDN, StackPath, and CloudFlare that also works as an additional firewall to protect and speeds up your site at the same time. These services are popular and widely used because it gives tremendous effect to your WordPress site’s overall performance and considered as some of the Best CDN for wordpress today.

MaxCDN. One of the most popular CDN service used in WordPress sites is MaxCDN. It is widely used by popular sites because it can users can choose several plans and with its corresponding features. 

MaxCDN has been acquired by the StackPath Company

You can start with a test service by creating a free sample account then proceeds to the basic plan of $9 per month for a 100GB plan. This comes with a 1TB of storage for a year so the whole package is really worth it. The whole package has a lot of benefits that provides you’re with your own temporary domain or create a sub domain for the path to the files.

maxcdn best cdn company

KeyCDN. There are a lot of reasons why you can choose KeyCDN as your CDN service provider. Because of this and other several acquisitions,KeyCDN could become the biggest player delivering security solutions. The acquisitions have proven that they are the true rival of the popularly used CDN provider, CloudFlare. As of today,KeyCDN is currently supporting over 30,000 MaxCDN network customers which can give the edge with their other big contenders. The KeyCDN plans are very reasonable so it usually attracts a lot of users. Pricing starts $20 per month which comes with a lot of features without any limitations. Their difference with their competitor’s pricing is they have more price tiers based on features than the higher bandwidth typically offered by providers. And withKeyCDN, the higher tier plan you choose, the more you have access to unlimited features which can help you in hosting more websites.

CloudFlare. If you are a newbie in Content Delivery Network, you can always choose CloudFlare as your basic option. CloudFlare is one of the first and most experienced in Content Delivery Network available today. And because CloudFlare has 15 data servers across the world, they are one of the fastest providers from all over the world.

And because Cloudfare also works as a complimentary CDN for your WordPress website, you can use it a starter kit. You can easily sign up for a free account with CloudFlare which comes with a lot of features. However, there’s some disadvantage as some user’s reported a lot of downtimes while using the service so one should also consider that.  But because it’s a free tier, you can give a try and see how it can support your CDN needs without spending too much for a website. You can also try their premium plans to get more advanced features and 100% percent uptime guarantee.


One of the most important things to consider in choosing a CDN network package is the pricing. The annual price of each package can expensive so you really need to shop around. You can choose CDN providers that offer a great package that comes with a lot of features and bandwidth options. If you want a CDN service provider, find one that suits your needs then you can start comparing prices so you can choose which one is best for your needs.

And after comparing all the pricing and features of these CDN service providers, how can you decide which one is best for your site. How will you determine which is the best plan that can also give several options to your WordPress site? You need to look at the features of the CDN plan that they can provide you. Your main reason for getting a CDN service provider is to get a fast website loading times but you also need to look at other features that come with a plan. You need to determine which plan that suits your specific needs without spending too much on plans with features that you do not really need.

In the end, pricing could the least of your problems when it comes to deciding the best CDN service providers. You need to focus more on the features that you can get with the plan like customer service and technical support which are also important in buying services and products. It is one of the most important aspects of getting a CDN hosting service because there’s a big chance that you will need a customer service or technical support if issues come up while using their service.  You can try each CDN’s customer service by contacting them and find out how they handle inquiries and how they value their customers.


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